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Hub Vision + Plan

Grassroots Malawi Vision PP.jpg

Pilot Project Steps:

African Children

Step 1  

Find an existing school or community centre in Malawi ready to be transformed into a Development Hub. Review and source local needs and resources e.g. equipment, materials, builders, teachers, managers, and potential issues.

Partner with local grassroots organizations working in the school's community and create a plan of action to build a garden and hub centre. Enlist local manager (s) to govern the project and distribute future materials and funds.

Step 2

Step 3  

Begin collecting donations and funding for building materials as well as teaching, tech, and farming equipment and staff salaries. 

Step 4 

Resource local teachers and farmers to teach and manage workshops and classes for the community in utilizing the community garden and growing agri businesses. 

Step 5 

Support the community to open the hub, begin planting the community garden, and begin agri business training. 

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