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Agripace 2017  

Keynote speech by Benny Dembitzer

Cenetri's AGRIPACE conference October 23-25, 2017,

Hyderabad, India.

Agriculture is Key...  

Hagar Omran, September 5th, 2019

egypt news.png

Agriculture is key for African countries to achieve economic development, Benny Dembitzer, managing director at Grassroots Africa, a member of the team who won the Nobel Peace prize in 1985, said at the event that was organised by the Egyptian Center for Economic Studies (ECES) on Wednesday.

“We are losing our humanity to see the African continent burning and suffering from famines,” he stated, adding that African states need to pay greater attention to education, agriculture, and women’s empowerment.

African people are moving to Europe not because it is paradise but because Africans in Sub-Saharan Africa are escaping from a very tough situation that is lack of enough food, water, and essential needs. Read More...

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