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Where has the $1 billion in aid gone?

Over the last 60 years, since independence, Malawi has received more than $1 billion (yes, one thousand million dollars) a year in aid from all sources - World Bank, EU, other Financial Institutions, bilateral aid from the UK, US, Germany, Italy, Among the most visible donors in the country are the International NGOs. They are all there; WorldVision,MSF, Mercy Corps, International rescue Committee. CARE international, World Relief, and at least 900 smaller NGOs that emanate from the UK alone.

But people in rural areas and everywhere are becoming poorer. There is less food, imported food is becoming more expensive. The land is more arid.

So, where has all the money gone?

How could it be better spent? How can aid become more effective, help the poorest and not those who are involved in the delivery of aid?

We'd love to hear your opinion. Please comment respectfully with any suggestions, ideas, or thoughts. Thank you for helping us all find a solution.

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